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ALIAS EYE "A Different Point Of You"

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Ludwig Benedek (drums)
Frank Fischer (bass)
Philip Griffiths (vocals)
Vytas Lemke (keyboards)
Matthias Richter (gutiar)
Produced by: Christian Schimanski
Engineered by: name
Mixed by : name
Mastered by: name

Alias Eye was founded in late 1998 when Philip Griffiths, Matthias Richter, Frank Fischer and Ludwig Benedek, who had been playing together for over four years, teamed up with keyboarder Vytas Lemke. After writing a repertoire of songs, the band recorded their first CD Beyond The Mirror in 1999, which was very well received by the international press. In spring 2000, the band was brought into contact with the dutch label DVS-Records http://www.dvsrecords.com> who signed Alias Eye in November of that year. Work on Alias Eye's debut album Field of Names began immediately; an adept producer was found in Christian Schimanski, who had a grasp of the sound and feel the band was aiming for. The album was finally completed in March 2001 after 5 long months at Blue Sky Studios in Southern Germany. Encompassing 10 songs and clocking at a total of 54 minutes, Field of Names represents the essence of Alias Eye's music, a diverse collection of tunes from a variety of different genres, ranging from rock, pop, funk, jazz to classical. Two years after the release of Field of Names the band returns with their second album A Different Point of You. Recorded, mixed and mastered at Christian Schimanski's Blue Sky Studio, the band spent almost a year arranging and recording the album. This time round, Alias Eye had the added bonus of being able to use the studios new state of the art equipment, installed just before the band started their recordings. A Different Point of You boasts 9 new tracks and documents the band's increasing joy of experimenting with a variety of different genres. For example, A Clown's Tale, the first track on the album, boasts a host of Arabian instruments that are combined with heavy guitar riffs and extended vocal parts, whereas Too Much Toulouse wallows in the melancholy of a 30ies jazz club. Get ready for the ride!

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