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BLACK BAMBI - Black Bambi

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1. Mary's Birthday
2. In the Meantime
3. Cry Blackbird Cry
4. Crucified
5. Seven Miles to Rome
6. Dancing with the Shadows
7. Down
8. The Celebration
9. 99 1/2
10. Broken Mirror
11. Lay Me Down
12. Soul of a Child
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name (guitar)
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Produced by: Beau Hill
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
BLACK BAMBI's self-titled album recorded in 1990 is another example of a band that has it all to make it big: great musicianship, the looks, a recording contract with Atlantic Records and a top producer in Beau Hill. However, they were missing an important factor; luck. Opening slots with both Badlands and The Black Crowes followed and BLACK BAMBI were primed for major success. And then the bottom fell out. Musically "Black Bambi" is pure late '80s sounding classic hard rock, with mature songwriting and that slick production from the era. Think a mix of The Cult 'Sonic Temple', Tesla, Badlands, Vain, Atomic Playboys, etc. Finally out on CD and the remastering sounds great.
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