BONFIRE - Cry For Help EP

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1. Cry For Help (Radio Version)
2. Cry For Help (Long Version)
3. Cry For Help (Acoustic Version)
4. You Make Me Feel
(Live@Masters Of Rock, Vizovice / Czech Republic 2011)
5. I Need You (Private Version)
6. Just Follow The Rainbow
(Live@Masters Of Rock, Vizovice / Czech Republic 2011)
Clauss Lessmann (vocals)
Hans Ziller (guitar)
Produced by: Lessmann, Ziller
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Sebastian Roeder
Mastered by: Sebastian Roeder
Since the members of German Hard Rock band BONFIRE, who celebrated their 25th band anniversary last year, all are animal lovers, it was logic that the idea came up to re-record their song ‘Cry For Help’ for charity purposes, a track which originally appeared to be one of the fan’s highlights from the ‘Double X’ album. The new version with the new title ‘Cry 4 Help’ offers a strong textual statement:
‘Who sheds a tear for the crocodile
That you carry as a bag?
Does your mink coat still keep you warm
When you think about its fate?
It ain’t just another protest song
About laboratory crimes
It’s also a cry for help
For the cowards of our time.’
‘Cry 4 Help’ will be released as special EP on May 4th, 2012 and will include this song in three different versions plus
three additional bonus tracks. Singer Claus Lessmann comments: ‘It’s great to bring one of our favorite songs to life again this way – and we’re even able to re-release this track with the support from PETA.’ At the end of March, the band travelled to the Ukraine where they played in Kherson in front of 20.000 enthusiastic fans and also became witnesses for the local animal abuse. In the run-up to the European Soccer Championship in the Ukraine and Poland, the Ukrainian government is rewarding people who are killing straying street dogs. The band was looking for a dialogue with the responsible public authorities and the general public. The band is against indiscriminate killing and glad for every kind of support!
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