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Henrik Flyman (guitar, vocals)
Apollo Papathanasio (vocals)
David Rosenthal (keyboards)
Dennis Buhl (drums)
Thor Jeppesen (bass)
Produced by: Henrik Flyman
Engineered by: Henrik Flyman
Mixed by : Tommy Hansen
Mastered by: Tommy Hansen
Evil Masquerade is back with their third album Third Act and the band has never sounded better. Third Act is a solid release of convincing songwriting and musicianship, wrapped in a very good production. When bandleader and guitarist Henrik Flyman set out to compose the songs for this album he was determined to make it far beyond what Evil Masquerade had done before. To make sure he would succeed he actually composed music for two albums instead of just one. Album # 1 should be the official one to be released, and album # 2 would never leave the domains of his studio. This process took Henrik 5 months. Some lineup changes had been unavoidable in for this third release. Bass player on a permanent basis is now Thor Jeppesen. He started out as a stand-in when his predecessor was busy with other commitments and did such a good job that he was the obvious one to ask when the band needed to move on. The most noticeable change comes in form of a new singer. The old singer had decided to make a solo career and that turned out to be in the best interest of the band as well. When the situation was a fact Henrik wasted no time and immediately contacted Apollo Papathanasio (ex. Time Requiem). Henrik’s old friend Richard Andersson (Time Requiem, Space Odyssey) had told him that Apollo no longer was in the lineup and that he might be up for the task. It wasn’t long before Apollo was in the band and this turned out to be an interesting improvement of the Evil Masquerade sound. The vocal recording was a breeze and it became clear that Henrik and Apollo shared many of the same influences and ideas. They also turned out to be equally dedicated and indefatigable in a working situation, so it didn’t take more than three days and nights in the studio to record vocals for the complete album. In accordance with Evil Masquerade tradition a couple of keyboardists were invited as special guests. Richard Andersson has been playing on the two previous releases and Third Act is no exception. New with the band is legendary David Rosenthal (Rainbow, Malmsteen, Steve Vai, Dream Theater, Whitesnake etc.). Both performed some amazing stuff on the new album and made the keyboard department shine like never before. Henrik Flyman who plays the guitars has also produced the album. The guitars fit every song as a glove and are never overplayed. We get heavy riffs, explosive leads, beautiful melodies, acoustic guitars and even some slide. The production is heavy and supports the music just right. Mixing and mastering credits goes to well-reputed Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jorn, TNT, Evil Masquerade) and you can easily hear why he is in such high demand. With Third Act we get to see Evil Masquerade flourish and join the elite of melodic/progressive bands. But Henrik Flyman states: The journey has only begun!

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