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1. Saviors Never Cry
2. No Justice
3. Stranger Than Love
4. Change Comes Around
5. Jealousy
6. Sentimental Blvd.
7. Mandy
8. Empty Promises
9. If There Was A Time
10. Just Like I Planned
11. Had Enough
12. World Gone To Pieces
13. Anarchy
14. Brighter Day
1. Re-Making Of Mood Swings documentary
2. Saviours Never Cry (audio)
3. No Justice (audio)
4. Change Comes Around (audio)
Harry Hess (vocals)
Pete Lesperance (guitar, bass)
Creighton Doane (drums)
Darren Smith (vocals)
Produced by: Harry Hess, Pete Lesperance
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Harry Hess
Mastered by: Harry Hess
"Mood Swings II" celebrates the reunion of Canadian Rockers Harem Scarem. Harem Scarem released their second album - the original "Mood Swings" - in 1993. Now 20 years later the band celebrates the anniversary of such career-defining release re-recording from scratch the eleven songs that made up that album and also adding three new bonus tracks in the spirit of the original "Mood Swings" direction. Harem Scarem disbanded after the release of their last album "Hope" in 2008. Five years later, rumours about a possible reunion for some shows started to circulate and were confirmed once Firefest announced the band as headliner of the first night of the event on Friday October 18th 2013. In this occasion the band will perform the entire "Mood Swings" record live, since they had never officially toured that release outside of Canada. This has led to the booking an extensive European and Asian tour, including the band's second show ever in the US at the Melodic Rock Fest 3 in September in Chicago. As the idea developed, the band decided to do a modern recording of "Mood Swings", trying to keep true to the original intent as well as writing and recording three brand new tracks. Then it was decided to include a "making of " video and also to have four songs broken down into individual audio tracks, so that fans can re-mix or play along with the songs. "This re-record was extremely time consuming, we really put everything into it and spent an incredible amount of time writing and recording the 3 new bonus tracks" says singer Harry Hess. "We hope everyone can hear the effort that went into it and enjoys the result as much as we do".
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