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H.E.A.T. - Into The Great Unknown

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Erik Gronwall (vocals)
Sky Davids (guitar)
Jona Tee (keyboards)
Jimmy Jay (bass)
Crash (drums)
Produced by: Tobias Lindell
Engineered by: Tobias Lindell, Rhys Fletcher
Mixed by : Tobias Lindell
Mastered by: Henrik Jonsson
Round five for Sweden's biggest melodic rock hope and it's a bit prophetic of what to expect from their newest step. And, yes you are guessing right; the boys this time pulled out a few new tricks from their sleeve and enriched their sound with some more modern formulas. Of course, the well-known elements of the band's previous records are here (hooks, choruses, melodies), but the boys of H.E.A.T. decided not to take the safe path but to experiment a bit. Half of the album is similar in style to their previous releases, but the remaining tracks are spiced with some poppish elements like Reckless Love at their latest album or Def Leppard ("Shit City"). If you loved HEAT before then this is the next stride forward in their evolution.
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