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TONY HERNANDO - Actual Events

European Import : LMC256

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Tony Hernando (guitar, bass)
Mike Terrana (drums)
Niko Del Hierro (bass)
Víctor Díez (keyboards)
Produced by: Tony Hernando
Engineered by: Roland Grapow, Tony Hernando
Mixed by : Miguel Sanz, Tony Hernando
Mastered by: Miguel Sanz, Tony Hernando
“Actual Events” is Tony Hernando´s strongest album to date, 11 furious instrumentals with a strong sense of melody and aggressive approach. With a top production, good compositions and a passionate playing by Tony Hernando and one of the best drumming performances in years by Mike Terrana, “Actual Events” is a heavy sounding yet catchy and interesting album. Tony Hernando, the Spain based guitarist is one of the most exciting shredders in Europe today. Tony has released 4 solo albums and an outstanding CD/DVD, including the acclaimed “III” and has toured with some of the best players in business, like Andy Timmons and Richie Kotzen. Tony is an Ibanez and Bogner endorsee and since 2007 is also the new guitarist for the nº1 Metal act from Spain - Saratoga. “Actual Events” shows Tony Hernando´s progressive and neoclassical side more than ever, with an influence from the first Macalpine, Yngwie and Cacophony records. In addition there are some fusion and classical numbers too, making the record strong and interesting from start to finish. “Actual Events” has elements that can be found on Tony’s previous releases giving fans something to grasp instantly and this variety of sound is due to Tony’s wide spectrum of musical likes and knowledge, but “Actual Events” shows more than any other record of his a maturity in composition. On drummer Mike Terrana who has played on all Tony’s previous releases Hernando comments, “We are good friends and work together really well. He has said that this is one of his best recordings in years. I pushed him to play better than ever and the album not only has a guitar fest through out, but a drums fest as well”. On the album creation Tony comments, “I began the compositions in Jan 08, made the demos for Mike around March and then we went to Roland Grapow´s studios in Slovakia for recording in April. I finished additional tracks at my own studio after my summer tour with Saratoga and mixed the album in September 2008”.
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