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HYDROGYN - Redemption

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1. Fixir
2. My Redemption
3. Tailspin
4. Devil God Devil
5. Suffering
6. Break In Two
7. Down In Flames
8. Hey Ho
9. In The End
10. Jenny
Erica Parrott (vocals)
Jeff Westlake (guitar)
Jeff Boggs (guitar)
Chris Sammons (bass)
name (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
In 2004 West Virginia guitarists Jeff Westlake and Jeff Boggs had a vision. They set out to create music that defied convention - power metal that appealed to a broad audience. Combining cutting edge riffs, intelligent lyrics, and massive hooks with the multi-octave power vocals of Julie ("just Julie"). HYDROGYN exploded onto the national music scene, their debut album, "Best Served with Volume" quickly caught the attention of major sponsors, including Pepsi, Budweiser, and Off the Rim Apparel from NASCAR. In 2006, Michael Wagener who had produced Ozzy Osborne, Skid Row, and Alice Cooper, came on board to produce "Bombshell" (DA Records/Chavis Records) which hit Billboard on three different charts, 2008 saw "Deadly Passions" on the CMJ Charts and in 2010, the band was back on the Billboard charts with "Judgement". Despite a gruelling touring schedule and several changes in the line-up, the band continued to produce high-quality, genre-busting music including "Private Sessions" and "Strip 'em Blind Live" as well the "Particles" box set, "Break the Chains" EP, and a number of DVDs. This gruelling pace began to take its toll on the band. In 2016 HYDROGYN went back into the studio with new vocalist Erica Parrott for their most ambitious album yet, "Redemption". Like the element after which they take their name, HYDROGYN went back to basics, taking the process down to its most elemental level - high energy, high creativity, positive vibes, and raw power. "I knew this was where I belonged" Parrott said after meeting with Westlake. Her aggressive vocal talent and positive energy were the spark that reignited the flame for the entire band. Collaboration has never been stronger and the energy has never been higher. "Everything from music to melody and lyrics just seemed to fall right into place, says Parrott. Bassist Chris Sammons agrees, attesting that the new energy allowed every member to be themselves musically. As proof, he points to the first day the band met in the studio. "We pumped out an incredibly heavy in-your-face tune in a matter of minutes." "Redemption" is an electric, hard as nails, tour de force album that is hitting the broadest audience for the band in over a decade. Guitarist Jeff Boggs said it best. "There are no limitations". HYDROGYN is on fire.
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