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John Parsichini (vocals)
Gene Murray (guitar, backing vocals)
Rod Chappell (bass, guitar, vocals)
Gary Chappell (keyboards, backing vocals)
Terry Crowpart (drums, guitar, bass, backing vocals)
Produced by: Johnny Bionchini, Lightspeed
Engineered by: Johnny Bionchini
Mixed by : Johnny Bionchini
Mastered by: tbd
Great music is timeless. Period. Genres come and go, but great rock music is forever…Toronto, Canada's LIGHTSPEED have their roots firmly planted in the Pomp rock tradition of North America's true greats. Styx, Starcastle, Morningstar and Zon - indeed, bassist / vocalist Rod Chappell was a member of this superb combo - are all brought to mind when one listens to the band's music. That and a lot more besides… Lest you should get the impression that LIGHTSPEED's music is in any way dated or irrelevant in the first decade of this new century, let us dispel that by here stating that timeless means just that. The strident rhythms and soaring melodies that power the bands latest album 'WAVES'- set for an international release at the end of October 2006 through Majestic Rock records - make for classic rock of the very highest order. And when has classic rock been anything other than timeless
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