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Jukka Nummi (vocals)
Risto Silenius (guitar)
Mika Pohjola (keyboards)
Keijo Koivikko (bass)
Matti Torro (drums)
Produced by: Mika Pohjola
Engineered by: Mika Pohjola
Mixed by : Mika Pohjola
Mastered by: Mika Pohjola
Myon are a Finnish band from the city of Oulu and were founded in 1995. After a few years of composing and rehearsing Myon released their highly praised debut album “Heavens Garden” in 1998. The band toured in Finland to get more recognition and the result was the recording of the second album “Ghost in Paradise” (2002). After finishing the second album singer Sami Huotari left the band and a replacement was found in Jukka Nummi. He made his debut as a lead singer of Myon at the release party of Ghost in Paradise in November 2002. Jukka had a long band-experience, which was an asset to Myon. He had, up to that point, been involved in many cover projects which had given him a chance to sing many well-known classics from such artists as Ronnie James Dio, David Coverdale and Joe Lynn Turner. After the “Ghost in Paradise” tour the band started to write new material, which was clearly a starting-point for a third album. Keyboard player Mika Pohjola made a decision to take over the whole producing, recording and mixing of the new album. He came in with new musical ideas and asked if Jukka had some lyrics that could be used...they composed the first song “Before or too late”. With agreement of the band Jukka started to get more responsibility with lyrics and that way the whole concept of their music changed. Jukka’s melodies and lyrics started to develop a whole new sound and the band took on quite a progressive slant, much akin to Saga at their best. The sound is very much cast in this mould with plenty of guitar and keyboard “cat and mouse” antics. Comparison can also be found to Norwegian superstars “A-ha” The new album “Slideshow” is a very fresh approach to the ever-changing face of rock music. The album has a clear and deep sound with a very professional touch and amazingly catchy songs. The album also has a clever and personal storyline that runs through the album, a little similar to “Ayreon” in that respect. All in all a masterpiece of melodic rock.
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