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OZ - Transition State

US Release : AFMD640 - Packaging: Jewel Case

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Vance Kojuula (vocals)
Johnny Gross (guitar, vocals)
Juzzy Kangas (guitar, vocals)
Peppi Peloula (bass, vocals)
Mark Ruaaneok (drums)
Produced by: Oz, Mika Borgersen
Engineered by: Mika Borgersen
Mixed by : Lars Chriss, Mike Reno
Mastered by: Lars Chriss, Mike Reno
2017 release. Finnish Heavy Metal cult band Oz is back! More than five years after the re-start of their career with the Burning Leather release, the band led my founding member and drummer Pekka Mark finally delivers their highly anticipated studio album, their first all new songs album since 1991! And Oz doesn't fail to impress with 13 cracking and fresh, traditional metal tracks of immensely high quality. Even though Pekka Mark is the last remaining member left from the original line-up, Oz are as strong as ever and continue to haunt you with the relentless, uncompromising sound they are known for!
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