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PINNACLE POINT - Winds Of Change

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Torben Enevoldsen (guitars, bass, keyboards)
Jerome Mazza (vocals)
Dennis Hansen (drums)
Produced by: Torben Enevoldsen, Jerome Mazza
Engineered by: Jim Morris, Torben Enevoldsen
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
For fans of Kansas, Deep Purple, Journey and Seventh Key. Fusing classic hard rock with the complexity of British prog rock, Pinnacle Point revolves around the songwriting abilities of Jerome Mazza (Ex-Angelica) and Torben Enevoldsen (Fate, Acacia Avenue, Section A ) The two met on Facebook around Christmas time of 2015, and soon after decided to write some songs together. The songs turned out extremely welland the idea of doing a full album together quickly emerged. During the spring and summer of 2016, Torben and Jerome wrote songs individually, as well as swapping ideas back and forth. The recordings were done simultaneously and by the end of the year, all songs had been recorded, mixed and mastered. Jerome Mazza did all of the vocals, but also played keyboards on a few songs. Torben played guitar, bass and keyboards, but to make the songs truly come to life, Torben and Jerome asked some of their friends to help out with the recordings. The album features guest performances by Howard Helm on keyboards, Cara - C on violin and Dan Orlando on piano. To help keep a steady groove, Torben asked his good old friend Dennis Hansen (Acacia Avenue, Section A) to play the drums. The album was produced by Jerome and Torben and mixed and mastered by Enevoldsen at his Funny Farm Studios in Denmark. Pinnacle Point is feel-good music; catchy, direct and mesmerizing. Jerome's strong and impressive voice delivers songs with memorable hooks and an adept flow, able to go from soft to hard, and from soulful to edgy to sincere. While world-class guitarist Torben's dexterity allows him to fluidly shift between his honed technique and improvised, infectious riffs and brilliant melodies. With an album ready for release in 2017, expect to hear more from this majestic new band, Pinnacle Point.
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