PROPHET - Recycled

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Russel Arcara (vocals)
Ken Dubman (guitar, backing vocals)
Scott Metaxas (bass, gutiar, vocals)
Dave Dipietro (guitar)
Joe Zujkowski (keyboards)
Jim Callahan (drums)
Produced by: Scott Metaxas
Engineered by: Steve Deacutis
Mixed by : Scott Metaxas
Mastered by: tbd
Prophet was founded in 1980s by two previous members of Icarian and Tom Fuller's Rock City, bassist Scott Metaxas and keyboardist the late Joe Zujkowski. For completing the group, they invited other four members: Ken Dubman (guitar), William Runco (guitar), Bob Butterfield (drums) and Marc Hoffman (vocals). The band started its career playing in covers of songs by bands such as Queen, Boston, Kansas and Styx. In fact, they were considered to be one of the best cover bands in New Jersey in the 80s. In 1985, Hoffman and Butterfield left the band and were substituted by the late Dean Fasano (vocals) and Ted Poley (drums). Poley played with Dubman years before in another rock band, named Lush, when they were in High School. William Runco also left the band, but was not replaced by another musician. With this new formation, the group recorded its first album, self-titled. It includes the song "Slow Down", which may have influenced the hit "Wanted Dead or Alive", by Bon Jovi, years later. After having released the first album, Fasano and Poley left the band. Poley joined the band Danger Danger as its lead vocalist and bandleader. Then, Prophet invited Russell Arcara (vocals) and Michael Sterlacci (drums). During this period the band was managed by Noel Monk, who also managed Van Halen. This lineup recorded the band's second album of the band, Cycle of the Moon. This album is considered the most important by the group and peaked at 137 on the Billboard 200. In 1991, prior to Prophet releasing its third album, Recycled, Michael Sterlacci (drums & vocals) left the band and relocated to Los Angeles, Ca. With yet another lineup: Dave DiPietro (guitar) and Jim Callahan (drums) joined the band and recorded "Recycled". This album also had Karl Cochran (acoustic guitar and backing vocals) as a special guest. From 1992, Prophet's member started new projects and the group ended years later. Arcara created two other bands after leaving Prophet: Arcara and The Way. In 1992, Metaxas and DiPietro joined Nuclear Assault. Dubman joined the blues band Rocket 88. Callahan created a software company and started working as a graphic designer. Now Z Records is releasing all three albums, fully remastered, surefire sellers as all three are hard to find classics!

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