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Andy Scott (guitar, vocals)
Suzi Quatro (bass, vocals)
Don Powell (drums)
Produced by: Andy Scott
Engineered by: Oli Jacobs, Callum Merrett
Mixed by : Oli Jacobs, Callum Merrett
Mastered by: Nick Bennett
QSP is a very something different supergroup, as it sees three superstars of the 70s glam rock scene joyning forces. The band is QSP – named after the three members: Suzi Quatro on bass and vocals, Andy Scott of Sweet on raucous guitars, and Don Powell of Slade providing stomping drums. It’s a match made in rock n’ roll heaven, blending the best of all three acts into one massive, rollicking, boogie woogie good time. The album is, indeed, eclectic – fittingly so, considering the diverse music Ms Quatro has made over a long career. From head shaking rockers to heart-wrenching ballads and muscle-bound boogie grooves, QSP covers a lot of ground over its 14 tracks.
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