DAN REED - Signal Fire

European Import : AORH1533

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Dan Reed (vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion, bass)
Rob Daiker (backing vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, percussion)
Benhan Jonasson (bass)
Brooke Lizotte (keyboards)
Robert Ikiz (drums)
Jimmy Lagnefors (guitar)
Justin Lavash (guitar)
David Landstof (drums)
Produced by: Dan Reed, Rob Daiker
Engineered by: Rob Daiker, Dan Reed, Ian kelosky
Mixed by : Peter Mansson, Rob Daiker
Mastered by: Mats Lindfors
A much harder hitting record than the previous solo effort 'Coming Up for Air', Reed reaches back to his earlier roots musically, while keeping the intention of the last album intact. Still producing music that is timeless, inventive and engaging, Dan’s fire is certainly burning brightly, and his new album proves this via its memorable crafting and exuberant melodies."SF" is an impressive, soulful, uplifting and melodious piece of work with plenty of class and finesse.
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