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ROX DIAMOND - Let The Music Do The Talkin'

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1. Savannah Blue
2. Let The Music Do The Talkin'
3. You Can Never Love Somebody Too Hard
4. Angeline
5. Just Wanting You
6. Yesterday Is Gone
7. The Way I Feel
8. Two Hearts
9. Lonely Without You
10. Midnight Girl
11. Hold Our Heads Up High
12. Never Say Goodbye
Paul Daniels (vocals, keyboards)
Kevin Achenbach (guitar)
Elliot Mayhew (bass)
Mike Hansen (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Rox Diamond originally began in 1985 with the pairing of Paul Daniels (Vocals / Keyboards] and Kevin Achenbach (Guitar). Paul had written some songs and was looking to do a 3 song demo. A friendship as well as a common goal for the music quickly grew as the duo looked to expand the group. Soon to follow was drummer Jeff Richfield, and Rick Falco on bass guitar. The original name for the band was Casanova and they began playing local clubs in the Los Angeles area including the famous Sunset Strip. A demo fell into the hands of then studio owner and manager Joe Gottfried. Joe co-owned and operated the renowned recording studio called Sound City where countless legendary albums have been recorded over the years. The band signed an agreement with Joe's management company and within 6 months they were signed to Funhouse Records via Japan with the intention of following that release up with a release also in the states. During the recording of the album and after countless interviews as Casanova, the band had to change it's name because of a dispute with another band called Casanova in Germany. In came the name Rox Diamond. Midway through the recording of the album, there was pressure from the bands producer as well as management to replace original drummer Jeff Richfield with Dwain Miller (formerly of Keel). Dwain completed the remainder of the songs on the record and also brought with him an additional vocal presence in the band. The debut album was released in Europe and Japan in 1991 and in early 1992 traveled to Tokyo, Japan to tour and support the debut release. A 'live' DVD of the band was recorded of the band and released shortly thereafter. The release was Rox Diamond 'Live in Japan'. The excitement was short lived unfortunately due to the death of their manager shortly after returning from Japan. The music business was also about to be completely changed and shaken up with the influx of the 'grunge' period. The band, as well as countless other bands from this era lost their deal literally overnight due to incredibly bad luck and bad timing. The band broke up and went their separate ways although always remaining friends and staying in touch through the years. Several years later Paul was approached to re-master the 1" album to re-release it via Europe and Japan as well as record a new album. The 2nd release was called Powerdrive released in 2005. The project from the beginning was a 'labor of love' and a chance to reunite old friends and band-mates to record together again. In 2007 Paul was contacted by Kieran Dargan about performing at Firefest 2008, an annual 3 day music festival held in Nottingham, England. All four original guys once again reunited to rehearse and travel abroad to participate in this incredibly enjoyable experience. The performance was recorded live for another DVD release called 'Rox Diamond / In the Rough / Live at Firefest' which was released In 2010. Over the years Paul had continued to write new songs, and along with some older unreleased material, recorded their 3"^ album, Rox Diamond / Let The Music Do The Talkin' and will be released via Lions Pride Music in July 2018. The guys are thrilled to have the opportunity to still record and release new material after all these years. A special thanks to Carsten Nielsen and Chris Siloma at Lions Pride Music (Denmark) for helping to make that happen. You're never too old to rock and roll! What's next?? Stick around and find out!!
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