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JEFF SCOTT SOTO - Damage Control Del. Ed.

European Import : FRCDVD545

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1. Give A Little More
Jeff Scott Soto (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards)
Gary Schutt (guitar)
Jorge Salan (guitar)
Diego Armelin (guitar)
Rodrigo Armelin (guitar)
Joel Hoekstra (guitar)
Emo Markov (guitar)
Dave Meniketti (guitar)
Peter Pac Söderström (guitar)
Alex Llorens (guitar)
Joel Hoekstra (guitar)
Roger Benet (guitar)
Leo Mancini (guitar)
Fernando Mainer (bass)
Nalley Påhlsson (bass)
Henrique Baboom (bass)
Fabio Ribiero (keyboards)
Ulf Wahlberg (keyboards)
Luis Paulo Almeida Jr (keyboards)
Edu Cominato (drums)
Carlos Exposito (drums)
Casey Grillo (drums)
Mike Vanderhule (drums)
Jamie Borger (drums)
Joey Soto (drums)
Produced by: Jeff Scott Soto
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : John Ellis
Mastered by: John Ellis

Extraordinary performer and amazing vocalist throughout, Jeff Scott Soto blasts through these hard rocking tracks with energy and masters the transition smoothly from heavy rock to a delicate ballad. For his new album "Damage Control", Jeff has turned to many of his past influences and most requested aspects of his career by blending the art of Melodic Rock with Hard Rock throughout. It is heavy, AOR, hard rock with loads of great riffs and melodies. "Damage Control" was recorded in the fall of 2011 and is completed with appearances and co-writing along with his former and current band mates together with many guests including Jamie Borger and Nalley Påhlsson (Treat), Casey Grillo (Kamelot), Joel Hoekstra (Night Ranger) and legendary Y&T founding member Dave Meniketti. Jeff recalls: "Y&T drummer Mike Vanderhule played drums on a track and suggested I bring Dave on but, as he is a long time friend and one on the 'wish list' of people I would have loved to have, I didn't want to get an excuse that he was too busy or not interested, to my surprise I got neither... he was willing to do it and I was not only grateful but beyond pleased to work with another musical hero!"

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