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Alex Skolnick (guitar)
Chuck Billy (vocals)
Eric Peterson (guitar, backing vocals)
Glen Alvelais (guitar)
Greg Christian (bass)
James Murphy (guitar)
John Tempesta (drums)
Louie Clemente (drums)
Paul Bostaph (drums)
Produced by: Alex Perialas, Bill Inglot, GGGarth, Michael Rosen, Nick Sahakian, Shawn Amos, Tony Platt, Testament
Engineered by: Alex Perialas, Bill Kennedy, John Aguto, Ken Walden, Liz Sroka, Randy Wine, Tony Platt
Mixed by : Alex Perialas, Michael Rosen, Michael Wagener, Nigel Green
Remastered by: Keith Blake
This 2001 collection does an excellent job of summarizing Testament's albums, featuring three cuts apiece from their first two albums, The Legacy and The New Order, two from Practice What You Preach, five from their 1992 crossover attempt, The Ritual, and a cut apiece from the live Return to the Apocalyptic City and 1994's Low. Not much here for collectors or the dedicated, outside of good sound, notes from Martin Popoff, and track-by-track analysis from guitarist Eric Peterson, but this does summarize their career quite well, even if it leans a little too heavily on The Ritual for some tastes.
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