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TRANCE - The Loser Strikes Back

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Joe Strubel (vocals)
Markus Berger (guitar)
Eddie St. James (guitar)
Tom Klein (bass)
Neudi (drums)
Jens Gellner (drums)
Produced by: Charly Czajkowski, Markus Berger
Engineered by: Charly Czajkowski
Mixed by : Charly Czajkowski
Mastered by: Charly Czajkowski
TRANCE certainly is one of the most underrated German metal bands although their eighties-flavored metal similar to the SCORPIONS or ACCEPT is all but bad. "The Loser Strikes Back" brings back the spirit of back in the day. An amazing re-recording of "Loser" from the 35-years-old TRANCE-debut crosses the bridge to the early days of the band. Nine songs of high quality. Not only the epic long track "Trust And Glory" deserves attention.
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