TRIBUTE TO VAN HALEN "Best Of Both Worlds"

European Import : 0681-79

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1. Jimmy Crespo, Richard Kendrick
2. George Lynch, Tony Harnell, Jason McMaster
3. Enuff Znuff
4. Jet Black Joy
5. Corey Craven
6. American Dog
7. Full Tilt
8. Gravity Pharm
9. Shane 'The Impaler' Volk
10. Richard Kendrick
11. 5150
12. Steve Whiteman
Produced by: Joe Viers
Engineered by: Joe Viers
Mixed by : Joe Viers, Jake Brown and Richard Kendrick
Mastered by: Joe Viers
The first, definitive tribute to VAN HALEN's Diamond David Lee Roth (1978 - 1984) and The Red Rocker Sammy Hagar (1985 - 1996), this compilation features hits from both eras of VAN HALEN, including "Panama", "Ain't Talking 'Bout Love", "Why Can't This Be Love?", "When Its Love", and "Right Now", as well as solo smashes from both singers, including "Yankee Rose", "Tobacco Road", and "Shy Boy" from Diamond Dave, and Hagar hits including "I Can't Drive 55", "There's Only One Way to Rock", and "Mas Tequila"! Between VAN HALEN and Roth/Hagar solo material, over a hundred million records have sold worldwide! The artist roster for this record includes such platinum heavyweights as guitar legends George Lynch (DOKKEN, LYNCH MOB), and Jimmy Crespo (AEROSMITH, ROD STEWARD), platinum rock band ENUFF ZNUFF, and DANGEROUS TOYS / WACHTOWER vocalist Jason McMaster, TNT frontman Tony Harnell, and KIX frontman Steve Whiteman. Additionally, the roster features newcomers Richard Kendrick (whose studio credits include work with players from such legendary platinum bands as AEROSMITH, GUNS N ROSES, OZZY OSBOURNE Band, SMASHING PUMPKINS, BADLANDS, DOKKEN, LA GUNS, DANGEROUS TOYS, BADLANDS, ROUGH CUTT, QUEENSRYCHE, LYNCH MOB, NIGHT RANGER, TNT, FAITH NO MORE, TUFF, RATT, LOVE/HATE, KANSAS, QUIET RIOT, and KILLS FOR THRILLS), Corey Craven, and rising star Shane 'The Impaler' Volk, frontman for Canadian band FULL TILT.
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