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VOODOMA - Gotland

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1. Shine
2. Love Is Falling
3. Ghostlight
4. Arise
5. Close To You
6. Painful Lies
7. World Roulette
8. What We Die For
9. Way Of The Damned
10. Shadow
Michael Thionville (vocals)
Mikk Hollenberg (guitar, keyboards)
Pierre Liffers (bass)
Wolle Haitz (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
VOODOMA are a Dark Rock band with Gothic and Metal influences from Düsseldorf, Germany. To date, the band has released two regular albums and some self-produced records. In addition, the group also has played numerous gigs, including major festivals such as "Wacken Open Air", "Ragnaröck Festival" and "Castle Rock". Three years after the release of the "Secret Circle" CD, the new album "Gotland" is here. The band's sound still can be described as melodic, catchy Dark Rock which offers a wide range of elements and songs which will appeal to Gothic and Metal fans alike. Once again, VOODOMA have invited a couple of guest musicians including Maike Flüshöh (Mayze), Ollie Bölke (Seelensturm), and Bernemann from the German Thrash Metal legend Sodom. The release stands up with a powerful sound - also due the amazing mastering by multi-platinum award-winning mastering studio Monoposto.
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