21OCTAYNE - 2.0

US Release : AFMD5389

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Hagen Grohe (vocals)
Marco Wriedt (guitar)
Alex Landenburg (drums)
Produced by: Hagen Grohe, 21Octayne
Engineered by: Hagen Grohe
Mixed by : Hagen Grohe
Mastered by: Hagen Grohe
21OCTAYNE - second round! Titled '2.0', the highly anticipated sophomore album by THE promising new Rock act is a rich feast for all lovers of outstanding rock music. Fronted by powerhouse vocalist Hagen Grohe (The Joe Perry Project), the band unleashes a broad variety of ideas, sounds and songs, ranging from dynamic up-tempo rockers ('Devil In Disguise') and heavy stompers ('Fly With Me') to sweet rock radio-friendly tracks ('When You Go') and a dramatic, 10-minutes long prog opus ('Tale Of A Broken Child'). This is musical diversity on the highest level, with strong own identity and first-class musicianship. After touring with rock legends Uriah Heep, now '2.0' shows that the sky is the limit for 21OCTAYNE!
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