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AXE - Rock N Roll Party In The Streets, Best Of

US Release : CLE2300

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1. Life’s Just An Illusion
2. Hang On
3. Sympathize
4. Forever
5. Back On The Streets
6. Battles
7. Living On The Edge
8. Fantasy Of Love
9. First Time, Last Time
10. Carry On
11. Running The Gauntlet
12. For A Little While
13. Rock ‘n’ Roll Party In The Streets (re-recorded version)
14. Steal Another Fantasy (re-recorded version)
15. Jennifer (re-recorded version)
16. Burn The City Down (re-recorded version)
17. Now Or Never (re-recorded version)
18. Holdin’ On (re-recorded version)
19. Silent Soldiers (re-recorded version)
20. Bad Sometimes (bonus track)

1. Heat In The Streets (re-recorded version)
2. Young Hearts (re-recorded version)
3. All Through The Night (re-recorded version)
4. Eagle Flies Alone (re-recorded version)
5. Let The Music Come Back (re-recorded version)
6. Masquerade (re-recorded version)
7. Magic (In Our Eyes)
8. Heroes and Legends
9. Burn Me Once Burn Me Twice
10. Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire
11. Any Place On This Highway (Is Home)
12. The Crown
13. Good Times
14. Torturous Game
15. Foolish Deception
16. No Heroes (bonus track)

Bob Harris (vocals)
Bobby Barth (vocals, guitar)
Michael Osborne (guitar, vocals)
Edgar Riley Jr. (keyboards, vocals)
Wayne Haner (bass)
Michel Turpin (bass, vocals)
Teddy Mueller (drums)
Produced by: Michael Lloyd, tony Reale, Bobby Barth
Engineered by: Carmine Rubino, Bill Vermillion, Ian Gilchrist, Bobby Barth
Mixed by : Mark Pinske, Bobby Barth, Ian Gilchrist
Mastered by: Bob Macleod, John Golden, Bobby Barth, Ian Gilchrist
A 2CD blockbuster career retrospective from one of the unsung heroes of classic hard rock who toured with every major metal act from Iron Maiden to KISS to Mötley Crüe, the indomitable Axe! Includes the band’s biggest hit single “Rock ‘n’ Roll Party In The Streets,” plus select cuts from the much sought after first 2 studio albums and much more!
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