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BAI BANG - Cop To Con

European Import : AORH1773

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Diddi Kastenholt (vocals)
Eric Kalle Mansson (guitar)
Martyn Karlsson (keyboards)
Claas Wallin (bass)
Mike Wendel (drums)
Produced by: Mats Lindfors
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Paris Edvinson
Mastered by: Chris Lyne
Actually, the career of the Swedish band BAI BANG got really going in the last five years. The early albums of the band are therefore not known to many people and sometimes hard to get. With "Cop To Con" the second album from 1991 gets reissued in the AOR HEAVEN CLASSIX series now. For many fans of the first hour it is one of the strongest BAI BANG releases. Musically singer Diddi Kastenholt & Co. oriented not quite as strong on the Glam-/Poser rock sound as today, but focused even more on a classic Melodic Rock of the brand TREAT, DALTON and FATE. The best examples, in addition to the straight title song, are the pulsating "Answer", the highly melodic "Heart's On Fire" and the heavily keyboard-driven "Love Is Strong". Only occasionally you could hear then elements of POISON and TUFF (e.g. "Adrenalin"). The limited edition of 500 copies features a Chris Lyne (SOUL DOCTOR) remastered sound and the bonus track "Hot Love" (T.REX cover), which the one or the other might already know from the band’s 2009 “Best Of”-CD.
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