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BLACK TRIP - Shadowline

US Release : STMH268912

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Peter Stjärnvind (guitar)
Joesph Tholl (vocals)
Sebastian Ramstedt (guitar)
Johan Bergebäck (bass)
Jonas Wikstrand (drums, backing vocals)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: Nicke Andersson
Mixed by : Nicke Andersson
Mastered by: Magnus Lindberg

Blasting Traditional Heavy Metal with Stoner Metal sounding guitar work, topped with garage jam styled raw vocals, BLACK TRIP surely takes you on a trip. The album is filled Sebastian and Peter Stjärnvind ripping their guitars in an artistic way, so listeners can enjoy the experience along with them! BLACK TRIP hits the sweet spot between Heavy Blues, Stoner Metal, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal and takes the listeners to a unforgettable ride. “Shadowline” will surely make the fans of aforementioned genres to stand up and take notice.

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