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FM - Futurama

European Import : AORH3000

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Steve Overland (vocals)
Jim Kirkpatrick (guitar)
Jem Davis (keyboards)
Merv Goldsworthy (bass)
Pete Jupp (drums)
Produced by: FM
Engineered by: Dan rowley, Johnas Westling
Mixed by : Jeff Knowler
Mastered by: Geoffe Pesche
After years of silence, FM’s return has proved amazingly prolific. After the release of both “Rockville” and “Rockville II” at the end of 2012 and start of 2013, they have already put together a new offering. “Futurama” offers four completely new tracks, as well as a selection of live recordings featuring some of the tracks from both of the “Rockville” albums, as well as tracks from their 80s and 90s heyday. The new tracks all have the same formula of good, old fashioned rock and roll music, full of soaring melodies, sweet harmonies, loud guitars and pounding drums. The 6 live tracks, recorded at a show on their recent tours for the “Rockville” albums, encompass the whole span of their career, from the 80s right up to 2013.
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