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HARDBONE - Bone Hard

European Import : AORH3100

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Tim Dammann (vocals)
Tommy Lindemann (guitar, backing vocals)
Sebastian Kranke (guitar, harp, backing vocals)
Wolfgang Pohl (bass, backing vocals)
Caine Grandt (drums)
Produced by: Schrodey
Engineered by: Schrodey
Mixed by : Schrodey
Mastered by: Schrodey
Germany's Hardbone combines the sound of AC/DC and Rose Tattoo with the over-the-top energy of Airbourne and Bullet. If you want political correctness you might as well start running for your lives... because these young upstarts are hot on your heels with alcohol tainted breath and raging hormones. Even the artwork itself takes me back to the low-budget and male-chauvinistic sexuality of the mid-´80s - a time when booze and drugs flowed freely, women were sexual objects and musical villains like Hardbone crisscrossed around the country in search of fun and danger.
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