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IRON SAVIOR - Titancraft Ltd Ed

US Release : AFMD5609

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Piet Sielck (vocals, guitar)
Joachim Kustner (guitar, backing vocals)
Jan-Soren Eckert (bass, backing vocals)
Thomas Nack (drums, backing vocals)
Produced by: Piet Sielck, Iron Savior
Engineered by: Piet Sielck
Mixed by : Piet Sielck
Mastered by: Piet Sielck
After releasing their first ever Live DVD/CD (LIVE AT THE FINAL FRONTIER) and a re-vamped version of their MEGATROPOLIS album (MEGATROPOLIS), German power metal icons Iron Savior return with a brand new studio album of all new material - following up on the success of 2014's highly-acclaimed RISE OF THE HERO. TITANCRAFT very likely is the sonically best of all Iron Savior releases and delivers exactly what the heavy/power metal fan loves: Fist-pumping anthems, furious bangers, powerful mid-tempo tracks and the special something you can't really describe. Digipack.
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