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KNOCK OUT KANE- Rise Of The Electic Jester

European Import : AORH3262

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Dean Foxx (vocals, keyboards)
Danny Krash (drums)
Jimmy Bohemian (guitar, mandolin, keyboards)
Lee Byrne (bass, backing vocals)
Produced by: Knock Out Kane
Engineered by: Matt Elliss
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Ray Staff
Following their debut "House Of Sins" (2012) and live shows with Love/Hate, Tigertailz and Status Quo the quartet from the British Midlands is back with their excellent new album "Rise Of The Electric Jester". Take the passion and talent that catapulted Knock Out Kaine into the Rock music scene, give it a few years on the road to mature, add some seriously smooth production skills, and you are left with the polished second album that is "Return Of The Electric Jester". There is enough classic Knock Out Kane here to satisfy the existing fans, while adding enough variety to introduce new audiences to their music.
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