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RONNY LEE - Original Retro

European Import : AORH3106

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Ronny Lee (vocals, guitar)
Stuart Marsh (guitar, backing vocals)
Bill Rotella (guitar, backing vocals)
Bill Williams (bass)
Marty Fera (drums)
Donnie Gougeon (keyboards)
Steve Thoma (keyboards)
Doug Smith (bass)
Joey Leon (drums)
Produced by: Ronny Lee
Engineered by: Keith Buckley, Esteban Mora
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
Ronny Lee is a Rock 'n' Roll performing artist specializing in "AOR 80's Rock". Ronny is primarily known for his incredible vocal abilities and song interpretations. He is a seasoned veteran of the entertainment industry and he has shared his musical talents with thousands of listeners throughout many regions of the USA and now has his sights looking toward Europe and other parts of the globe. Fronting his band "Original Retro" (also the name of his debut album 2014) Ronny enjoys rocking his vocal styles from High Energy Driving Rock Anthems to Soaring Power Ballads.
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