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MAD MAX - Thunder Storm And Passion

European Import : STMH268602

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Michael Voxx (vocals, guitar)
Jurgen Breforth (guitar, vocals)
Thomas Bauer (bass, vocals)
Axel Kruse (drums, vocals)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: Michael Voss
Mixed by : Michael Voss
Mastered by: Michael Voss
To celebrate the new episode of the MAD MAX saga in every movie theater and perhaps more seriously to increase the obvious fact that the band is still present, improved, well alive and still kicking : MAD MAX is paying tribute to its glorious past and to their most successful period from 1984-87 by carefully publishing a re-recording of their old classics tracks in the same schema as a best-of Album: Thunder (“Rollin' Thunder“) Storm (“Stormchild“) and Passion (“Night of Passion“)… Trying to keep the spirit of the eighties alive in order to set old and new fans on fire again. After being signed/promoted by Roadrunner Records and in the late 90's by SPV, the band is now stronger than ever. Once again the experienced members are more than ever on the top of their games… The on stage recording content in “Live at Bang Your Head Festival 2014” as second bonus disc is a strong evidence of this state… Another proof of their prominent stature… Extra bonus, the excellent cover of “Fox On The Run” originally written by THE SWEET. After a bunch of recommended releases with WOLFPAKK and TEMPLE OF ROCK, Voss is one of the most hard-working characters in the Traditional Euro-Metal scene, and one of the most prolific as a songwriter! A guitar player/singer, a producer that is known as the leader of many legendary bands such as CASANOVA and DEMON DRIVE, recently acting as frontman for MSG and producing brilliantly VEANGEANCE or the great “Mission Rock“ by UNIVERSE. The MAD MAX career is spread for over than 30 years with many turmoils, splits, stops and restarts, but with ”Interceptor” their latest album , they reach a new status with this release that was focused on their Hard Rocking side, full-throttle from start to finish with no ballads or mellow songs!
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