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MAGNUM - Lost On The Road To Eternity

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Bob Catley (vocals)
Tony Clarkin (guitar)
Rick Bengon (keyboards)
Al Barrow (bass)
Lee Morris (drums)
Produced by: Tony Clarkin
Engineered by: Sheena Sear
Mixed by : Sheena Sear
Mastered by: Sheena Sear
The release of their latest album, Lost On The Road To Eternity sees British hard rock band Magnum celebrate a very special anniversary on January 19th 2018. It will be the 20th studio recording by the group surrounding founding members Bob Catley (vocals) and Tony Clarkin (guitar) since their 1978 album Kingdom Of Madness. At the same time, Clarkin, Catley and bassist Al Barrow are set to introduce their current line-up featuring new additions Rick Benton (keyboards) and Lee Morris (drums). Cover art by Rodney Matthews, Contains bonus CD of four tracks recorded live in Spain in 2017.
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