JIMMY MARTIN - Wild At Heart

European Import : AORH1814A


Jimmy Martin (vocals, guitar)
Keith Murrell (backing vocals)
Jean-Michel Mauffray (guitar, bass)
Didier Erard (keyboards)
Laurie Wisefield (guitar)
Jean-Paul Rigot (drums)
Tommy Remm (bass, keyboards)
Produced by: Tommy Remm, Jimmy Martin, Laurie Wisefield
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Tommy Remm
Mastered by: Hilton Theissen
Luxemburg born singer Jimmy Martin started his career way back in the 80s as singer for the French melodic rock outfit FISC before he later went solo (especially his second solo album “Kids Of The Rockin” Nation” gained some success). Now he has finally his third solo shot ready to go and it’s a really surprising strong effort. Both Robin Beck and Rick Springfield are guest singers at the duets “I Wish You Here Tonight” and “Love Somebody” and this are just two highlights out of a really strong release which is tailor made for all lovers of classic melodic rock stuff.
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