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NAZARETH - Rock N Roll Telephone Deluxe Edition

US Release : COVY4784

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Dan McCafferly (vocals)
Jimmy Murrison (guitar, keyboards, backing vocals)
Pete Agnew (bass, backing vocals)
Lee Agnew (drums, keyboards, backing vocals)
Produced by: Yann Rouiller
Engineered by: Yann Rouiller
Mixed by : Yann Rouiller
Mastered by: John Davis
Classic Nazareth tradition - heavy, no frills rock'n'roll with that rasping voice its unmistakeable signature. Dan McCafferty long ago sealed his reputation as one of the all-time great rock singers, (and) if this album does prove to be his last, he'll be bowing out with that reputation intact. It's downright amazing that after 45 years of triumph and tragedy Nazareth are still making albums this damn good, still sounding fresh, vital and enthused by their own music. ROCK'N'TOLL TELEPHONE shows that they are still operating at the peak of their powers. If this is the last Nazareth studio album with Dan McCafferty than it marks a wonderful swansong.
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