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NEONFLY - Strangers In Paradise

European Import : AORH3188

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Willy Norton (vocals)
Frederick Thunder (guitar)
Patrick Harrington (guitar)
Paul Miller (bass)
Boris Le Gal (drums)
Produced by: Dennis Ward
Engineered by: Dennis Ward
Mixed by : Dennis Ward
Mastered by: Dennis Ward

Neonfly won hordes of new fans in the UK on Magnum's Spring 2014 UK tour. Powerplay reviewed them at Nottingham's Rock City, the night after their van had been broken into and nearly all their gear, (worth about £10K), had been stolen; despite this, they soldiered on, having borrowed, begged or hired replacement kit earlier that day, and completed the tour. 'Strangers In Paradise' is the work of a band who have patently grown in stature and now very much developed their own true musical and lyrical voice.

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