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NITROGODS - Nitrogods

European Import : AORH1134

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Henny Wolter (guitar, vocals )
Oimel Larcher (bass, vocals)
Klaus Sperling (drums)
Produced by: Helge Engelke, Henny Wolter
Engineered by: Helge Engelke, Henny Wolter
Mixed by : Helge Engelke, Henny Wolter
Mastered by: tbd
Thunderhead meets Motörhead could be the description of the German band NITROGOD and we’re not talking about rookies, cause bandleader Henny Wolter was the driving force behind the legendary THUNDERHEAD plus he was once a member of PRIMAL FEAR and SINNER, too. Together with bassist / singer Oimel and drummer Klaus Sperling (Freedom Call) he delivers a pure hand made Rock’n Roll album which smells Motörhead all the way, cause singer Oimel could be a deadringer for Lemmy and the band rocks like hell – that’s the way it should be!
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