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RED CIRCUIT - Haze Of Nemesis

US Release : LIMB1410149

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1. Oceans Apart
2. My Lonely Heaven
3. Believing A Lie
4. Digging In The Dirt
5. My World Collides
6. Spear Of Fate
7. Serpent’s Smile
8. Silent Roaring
9. Haze Of Nemesis
10. My Serenade
11. Soldier Of Fortune (Bonus Track)
1. Spear OF Fate
2. Under The Sun
3. Through The Eyes Of A Child
4. Haze Of Nemesis
5. Homeland
6. The World Forgotten Sons
7. You Can Sleep While You're Dead
8. The Veil
9. See The Light
10. Absinth
11. Sun Of Utopia
12. Oceans Apart (bonus video)
Chitral Chity Somapala (vocals)
Chris Moser (guitar)
Markus Teske (keyboards, programming, vocals)
Tommy Schmitt (bass)
Michael Stein (drums)
Produced by: Markus Teske, Red Circuit
Engineered by: Markus Teske
Mixed by : Markus Teske
Mastered by: Markus Teske
Red Circuit are the perfect example of a band, whose result is the sum of its individual parts: world class vocalist plus brilliant instrumentalists equals a great band. The finely balanced mixture of technically classy power metal, refined progressive rock and a cleverly inwoven mainstream attitude, which serve to make the songs so memorable has been praised for years, and not only by the music press, but also by an ever-growing hoard of fans, who are now getting getting what they were hoping for – namely an album of musical class and high nutritional, artistic value. The package includes a DVD featuring the band’s performance at the US Progpower XII Festival.
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