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European Import : AORH3233

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Dan Reed (vocals)
Brion James (guitar)
Blake Sakamoto (keyboards)
Melvin Brannon (bass)
Dan Pred (drums)
Produced by: Dan Reed, Nile Rogers
Engineered by: Mike Fraser
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: Ian Kelosky
Pretty nice anthology this one, with a few interesting bits'n' pieces scattered over both discs. Disc 1 is made up of favorite tracks chosen by band members, so isn't really intended as a 'Greatest Hits' type disc, so, as with many compilations, not all people will necessarily satisfied with the choices. Disc two will probably be more interesting to those who only own the studio albums and don't have any of the CD singles. There are a few real gems here, namely the b'sides 'Slavery','Come To Me' and the acoustic versions of 'Stronger Than Steel', a fantastic song in any form and one of DRN' best songs, and 'Livng With a Stranger. The added bonus of 4 newly recorded live tracks from 2013.
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