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ROYAL MESS - Royal Mess

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Nalle Påhlsson (bass, vocals, guitar, keyboards)
Produced by: Nalle Påhlsson
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Chris Laney
Mastered by: tbd
Nalle Påhlsson's name should be very familiar to fans of Scandinavian rock – just check the credits for such great acts as Treat, Last Autumn's Dream, Vindictiv and Therion. For more than three decades, Nalle Påhlsson has been one of Sweden's leading rock bassists, providing reliable backing vocals along the way. Nalle finally steps out as a lead singer, songwriter and versatile musician (providing rhythm guitars and keyboards, as well as bass). Inspired by his oldest brother's record collection, Nalle started playing guitar at an early age. At 10, he joined his first band, switching to bass guitar the following year. His early influences – Deep Purple, Kiss, The Sweet, Kansas – instilled the rock'n'roll dream, and the success of the band Europe proved that it was possible for Swedes his own age to make it. Soon, Nalle was a sought-after bass player, touring and/or recording with some of Scandinavia's biggest names (Mikael Rickfors, Mats Ronander, Pugh Rogefeldt, Sanne Salomonsen, Easy Action and many others). He also formed what may have been Sweden's first tribute band, AB/CD. Not only did they play impeccable AC/DC covers; Nalle (who, being the rhythm guitarist, naturally called himself Nalcolm) also wrote new material in the style of the Australian rockers. AB/CD released one EP and two albums. The first album shifted 30,000 units, outselling some of Sweden's most hyped rock bands in the process. Nalle continued to work as a freelance musician, as well as being a member of bands like Treat, Last Autumn's Dream, Vindictiv and Therion. His efforts did not go unnoticed: in 2010, he was voted Bass Player of the Year on MelodicRock.com. But there was always a sense of unfinished business. He had his own album to make. And now it's finally here. Royal Mess reflects a big part of Nalle's musical tastes. Crunchy riffs, high energy playing, and catchy melodies. Timeless and melodic hard rock/AOR, as opposed to metal. Elements of prog can be detected, too, but he has chosen to save most of that side for another time. It would be hard to pick out specific highlights from such a strong collection of quality songs. Most of them convey a life-affirming feeling. Nalle has had his share of bad relationships and self-destructive behaviour. Four years sober, he has used his time well, playing sessions and touring the world as Therion's bass player, while making this album. Most of the album's lyrics describe this journey. The album was produced and arranged by Nalle himself, and mixed by renowned producer/musician/songwriter/artist, Chris Laney, who provided the already big and bold material with his trademark "in your face" attitude, and a slightly more modern twist. It seems that everyone who knows Nalle wanted to help put him in the spotlight by lending their talents to the album. However, it's Nalle's vocals, rhythm guitar, bass and songwriting that is the core of the album's sound and style. The question remains: Why on earth hasn't he sung lead before? Nalle Påhlsson's Royal Mess is a personal and musical victory. Put it on, crank it up, and you will soon know why. Check out the list of special guests on ROYAL MESS! Kee Marcello (ex-Europe) Ian Haugland (Europe) Mats Olausson (Yngwie Malmsteen) Jamie Borger (Treat, L.A.D.) Danne McKentzie (Mustasch) Mats Levén (Candlemass, Therion) Snowy Shaw (Therion) Linnéa Vikström (Therion) Johan Koleberg (Therion) Pontus Norgren (Hammerfall) Patrick Appelgren (Treat) Kristian Niemann (ex Therion) Zinny Zan (Easy Action, Shotgun Messiah) Stefan Bergström (Skintrade) Christian Vidal (Therion) Micke Hujanen Igna Jover (Antalgia) Nicci Notini Love Magnusson (Dynazty) Stefan Lindholm (Vindictiv) Max Lorentz Henrik Bergqvist (The Poodles) Mikael Erlandsson (L.A.D) Lasse Andersson (producer, songwriter) Pontus Larsson (Vindictiv).
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