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SIXX AM - Modern Vintage

US Release : EVSV152

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James Michael (vocals, keyboards, guitar)
DJ Ashba (guitar)
Nikki Sixx (bass)
Produced by: James Michael
Engineered by: James Michael
Mixed by : James Michael
Mastered by: Dave Donnelly
The project featuring Motley Crue bassist Nikki Sixx, Guns'n'Roses guitarist DJ Ashba and producer/vocalist James Michael formed in 2007. After releasing two studio albums and three EPs, MODERN VINTAGE marks their third full-length album. Like their favorite bands from the 1970s, Sixx: A.M. is rooted in songwriting, musicianship and lyrics - three core elements that helped to define that era. Sixx: A.M. has taken even more pages from this book on MODERN VINTAGE, having created a record that demands to be discovered again and again. On the first two albums, Sixx: AM established a musical freedom that few bands get to enjoy. MODERN VINTAGE is clearly a birth child of that creative freedom and an exciting next step for Sixx: A.M.
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