SOJOURN - Different Points Of View

US Release : AORH3560 - Packaging: DigiPak


Kevin Bullock (vocals, keyboards)
Dane Spencer (bass)
Doug Robinson (guitar)
Sam Cardon (keyboards)
Kevin Stoker (keyboards)
Doug Pectol (drums)
Arlen Card (saxophone)
Michael Dowdle (guitar)
Produced by: Sojourn, Michael Robinson
Engineered by: Sojourn, Dave Mendenhall
Mixed by : Sojourn
Remastered by: Bryan Sansom
Sojourn released a pair of albums in the '80s and seemed destined for greatness, but like so many others fell by the wayside. Sojourn in many ways sounded like a development of the sound of bands like Kansas and Styx, and pomp rock bands like Roadmaster and even Saga. Their debut "Lookin' For More" (1985) offered a superb slice of pompy AOR, but the follow up "Different Points Of View" (1989) was more consistent than the debut and contained stronger songs. With an even more pompier sound somewhere between AXE and SUGARCREEK this is simply wonderful stuff for all 80s pomp- and AOR lovers.
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