TERRA NOVA - Reinvent Yourself

Australian Import : MRR027


Fred Hendrix (vocals)
Gesuino Derosas (guitar)
Ron Hendrix (keyboards)
Lars Reuving (drums)
Produced by: Fred Hendrix
Engineered by: Fred Hendrix
Mixed by : Fred Hendrix
Mastered by: Fred Hendrix
Dutch melodic rock/AOR band TERRA NOVA deliver their pomptastic new album 'Reinvent Yourself'. Reinvent Yourself is the 6th studio album of the Dutch band Terra Nova. In 1996 their highly acclaimed debut album Livin´ It Up was launched. After that the albums Break Away in 1997 and Make My Day in 1999 followed. After the first three albums the band had to split up due to a conflict with their Dutch record company. Fred, Ron and Gesuino continued under the name Aquila and released two albums: Say Yeah 2001 and Man With A Mission 2004. In 2004 the band was free from their contractual obligations towards their Dutch record company and signed a record deal with Frontiers Records. The first album after their break was Escape released 2005 followed by the album Come Alive 2010. In 2007 Fred, Ron, Gesuino and two woman: Esther Brouns and Anita Craenmehr got together as Two Of A Kind and released a superb album Two Of A Kind. End of 2013 the Reinvent Yourself album was written by Fred and recorded and mixed during 2014. During 2014 the band and their record label Frontiers had different views on which direction the album should take. This resulted in Terra Nova moving on with their album without a record company. In 2015 Terra Nova was signed by Melodic Rock Records for the world and King Records for Japan. The album Reinvent Yourself is about trying to improve yourself over and over again. It´s a process of finding a better version of yourself. Trying to take it to the highest level.
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