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VANITY BLVD - Wicked Temptation

US Release : COL09

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Anna Savage (vocals)
Traci Trexx (guitar)
Pete Ash (bass)
Jens Gebb (drums)
Produced by: Nicko DiMarino, Vanity Blvd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Nicko DiMarino
Mastered by: Jonas Kjellgren
After 2 albums and an EP release VANITY BLVD make their return to the scene with their strongest effort until today, their brand new studio-album entitled "Wicked Temptation". The band once again manages to create an extraordinary Hard Rock album while keeping all their established trademarks that easily stands out among the international competition. The album was mastered by Jonas Kjellgren, whose works are well known from bands like SABATON, DYNAZTY or BLOODBOUND and layout by Oscar Petersson (OSUKARU, TOXICROSE etc.)
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