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  Dacia And The WMD - Dacia And The WMD   0681-173
  Dakota - Dakota   Candy122
  Dakota - Runaway   Candy123
  Dalton - Pit Stop   FRCD667
  Damien, Danny - A Cowboy No One Gets   AORH3521
  Damn Yankees - Damn Yankees   Candy196
  Damned Nation - Grand Design + 1   ZR1997178
  Damned Nation - Road Of Desire   ZR199714
  Damon, Jesse - Nothin Else Matters   ZR1997109
  Damon, Jesse - Southern Highway   PERR5392
  Damon, Jesse - Temptation In The Garden Of Eve   AORH00087
  Damon, Jesse - The Hand That Rocks   NEH08
  Damsel Fly - What Lies Beneath   RS005
  Danger Angel - All The Kings Horses Special Edition   MRR052
  Danger Danger - Danger Danger   Candy200
  Danger Zone - Closer To Heaven   PJM10186
  Dante Fox - Breathless   AORH00136
  Danzig - Deth Red Sabbath   EVV163
  Dare - Beneath The Shining Water : T-Shirt L   NEHT03L
  Dare - Beneath The Shining Water : T-Shirt XL   NEHT03XL
  Dark Red Sky - Another Place   NEH080
  Dark Star - Dark Star   Candy183
  Darkest Sins - The Broken   PJM10339
  Darkness, The - Last Of Our Kind   CDWF1
  Darksun - Chronicles Of Aravan   FC55006
  Darksun - The Dark Side   AORH476
  Darusso - Medicine For The Soul   AORH3410
  David - Journey To Poexula   RR100
  David - Presence   RR101
  Davis, Derek - Re-Volt   PERR4689
  Davis, Derek - Revolutionary Soul   PERR44989
  Davis, Jimmy And Junction - Going The Distance   MRR061
  Davis, Jimmy And Junction - Kick The Wall + Live At The Bottom Line   MRR060
  Day Six - The Grand Design   LMC287
  Day x Day - Broadcast   NEH030
  Daydreamer - Daydreamer   ESM150
  Dead Daisies - Make Some Noise   SPTF270632
  Dead End Heroes - Roadkill   AORH00099
  Dead Heart Beating - New Blood   55032
  Deadthings, The - Dead Over Heels   NR032
  Dear Diary - Dear Diary   ER00015
  Deep Purple - Infinite Deluxe Edition   ERMU211849
  Deep Purple - Now What Deluxe Edition   EGLR203182
  Def Leppard - Def Leppard   MAIL9540
  Def Leppard - Songs From The Sparkle Lounge   MRYB001100402
  Def Leppard - Viva Hysteria Blu-Ray DVD   FRBR620
  Def Leppard - Viva Hysteria Del Ed   FRCDVD620
  Def Leppard - X   ISL063121
  Defiants, The - Defiants   FRCD729
  Del Rio, Jose - Journey Into The Fourth Dimension   LMC179
  Delirious - Delirious   MMCS002
  Delphian - Oracle   LMC142
  Delphian - Unravel   LMC205
  Delta - Black And Cold   NR20082
  Demon - Cemetary Junction   IMT5056710
  Dercole - Dreams Of The Heart   ZR1997156
  D'Ercole - No Place Like Home   NEH131
  Dercole - Rock Scar   ZR1997145
  D'Ercole - The Art Of Self Destruction   ZR1997140
  Derringer - Sweet Evil   Candy156
  DeSario, Teri - Caught   Candy140
  Destine - Forevermore   AORH3342
  Destiny - Future Of The Past   RTCD013
  Detective - Detective   Candy068
  Develin, Dennis - Tip Of The Tongue   PERR3882
  Devil City Angels - Devil City Angels   CEN92762
  DeYoung, Dennis - Live In LA 2CD+DVD   FRCDVD665
  DeYoung, Dennis - Live In LA Blu-Ray DVD   FRBR665
  DGM - Passing Stages BluRay   FRBR_TBD1
  DGM - Passing Stages Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD_TBD1
  DGM - The Passage   FRCD746
  Dharma, Buck - Flat Out   Candy101
  Diamond Dawn - Overdrive   FRCD588
  Diamond Dogs - Quitters And Complainers   LW042
  Diamond Head - Diamond Head   AORH3572
  Diamond REO - Dirty Diamonds   HRCandy003
  Diesel - Into The Fire   ESM264
  Dimage - It Takes Time : 1991-1993   DIVE003
  Dimension - Ego   NR332
  Dimino, Frank - Old Habits Die Hard   FRCD695
  Dio - Holy Diver   AORH1750
  Dio - Killing The Dragon   SPIT5199
  Dio - Magica Deluxe Edition   NIJI17
  Dio - Master Of The Moon   MTM013
  Dionysus - Fairytales And Reality   AORH12702
  Dirkschneider - Live Back To The Roots   AFMD5879
  Dirty Glory - Mind The Gap   PERR5342
  Dirty Looks - Cool From The Wire   Candy230
  Dirty Looks - Dirty Looks   FNA007
  Dirty Looks - I Want More   FNA006
  Dirty Looks - I.C.U.   FNA008
  Dirty Looks - In Your Face   FNA005
  Dirty Passion - Dirty Passion   DEN08
  Dirty White Boyz - Down And Dirty   ESM301
  Divinefire - Hero   AORH1801
  Diving For Pearls - Diving For Pearls   Candy022
  Doc Holiday - Doc Holiday   Candy035
  Doc Holliday - Rides Again   Candy004
  Dogface - Back On The Streets   AORH00091
  Dogma, The - A Good Day To Die   AORH189
  Dojo, Kens - Reincarnation   AORH309A
  Dokken - Back For The Attack   Candy266
  Dokken - Breaking The Chains   Candy192
  Dokken - Broken Bones   FRCD567A
  Dokken - Broken Bones Ltd Ed   FRCDVD567
  Dokken - From Conception Live 1981   FRCD329
  Dokken - Tooth And Nail   Candy193
  Dokken - Under Lock And Key   Candy194
  Domain - Last Days Of Utopia   AORH478
  Dominoe - No Silence No Lambs   0681-45
  Doobie Brothers - World Gone Cracy   HORA3
  Double Treat - Wander Thirst   PERR4652
  Dr. Sin - Shadows Of Light   MM00026
  Dracula - Swing Of Death   FRCD676
  Dragon Guardian - Destiny Of The Sacred Kingdom   PERR4692
  Dragon, Michael C. - Dragon Of Transsylvania   YR0004
  Dragonforce - Maximum Overdrive   MTB153272
  Dragonforce - Maximum Overdrive Deluxe Edition   MTB153402
  Dragonforce - The Power Within   RRD177102
  Dragonforce - Ultra Beatdown Ltd Ed   RRD179378
  Dragonhammer - The X Experiment   PERR4942
  Dream Ballads - Songs To Play In The Night   LMC2111
  Dream Evil - United   AORH1435
  Dreamscape - 5th Season Ltd Ed   NL545
  Dreamside, The - Lunar Nature   LMC274
  Dreyelands - Rooms Of Revelation   LMC283
  Dries, Dennis Churchill - I   NEH117
  Drive She Said - Drivin Wheel   AORH3259
  Drive She Said - Pedal To The Metal   FRCD730
  Driven - Self Inflicted   1704-8
  Drought - Tapped   PERR92362
  Drunken Rollers - Boogie Generation   PERR5142
  Dubman, Kenny - Reckless Abondon   Cargo_TBD1
  Dynazty - Titanic Mass   AORH3574
  Dyslesia - Who Dares Wins   1704-4


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