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  Early Cross - Pathfinder   LMC335
  Echoes - Barefoot To The Moon   PJM10100
  Echoes - Barefoot To The Moon DVD   PJM10117
  Eclipse - Armageddonize Deluxe Edition   FRCD731
  Eclipse - Monumentum   FRCD778
  Ecliptica - Impetus   FRCD396
  Eden - Eden   AORH3372
  Eden - Into The Within   ZR1997139
  Eden - Oblivion   ZR1997135
  Edenbridge - Bonding   STMH265522
  Edenbridge - Bonding Ltd Ed   STMH265520
  Edenbridge - The Great Momentum   STMH270692
  Edens Curse - Cardinal   AFMD5739
  Edens Curse - Live With The Curse   AFMD5212
  Edens Curse - Retribution   NEH109
  Edens Curse - Revelation Live   NEH125
  Edens Lie - Aligned   MM00049
  Edge Of The Blade - The Ghosts Of Humans   ESM279
  Edoff, Martina - Unity   AORH3433
  Eight Of Spades - Driven By Hate   PERR4372
  Eldritch - Livequake Ltd Ed   AORH0811
  Electric Angels - Electric Angels   Candy114
  Electric Magic Sideshow, The - Good Enough For You   FLR006
  Electric Outlet - On   LMC180
  Elegy - Principles Of Pain   FRCD523
  Elektradrive - Over The Space 30th Anniversary Ltd Ed   ESM296
  Elements Of Frictions - Elements Of Frictions   PP0001
  Eli - Darkness Will Fall   LMC252
  Elixir - Mindcreeper   MAJCD079
  ELO - Live   FRCD595E
  ELO - Zoom   FRCD596
  Embrace Of Disharmony - Humananke   PERR5022
  Embraze - Endless Journey   1704-7
  Emergency Gate - Nightly Ray   NL3001
  Emmett, Rik And Resolution 9 - Res 9   PRRD75112
  Empire - Trading Souls Ltd Ed   LMC326
  Empire 21 - Empire 21   EIRR1
  Empty Tremor - The Alien Inside   FRCD178
  Enbound - The Blackened Heart   IWRR83059
  Encryption - Perishing Black Light   RS07975
  Enevoldsen, Torben - Flying Solo   LMC134
  Enevoldsen, Torben - Heavy Persuasion   LMC2004
  Engine Of Pain - I Am Your Enemy   LMC197
  Englund, Thorbjorn - Influences   LMC174
  Engstrom, Johnny Band - From Birth To Chaos   AORH1554
  Ensign - Cast The First Stone   ZR199784
  Enuff Z Nuff - Clowns Lounge   FRCD763
  Enuff Z Nuff - Dissonance   Candyman001
  Enuff Z' Nuff - Enuff Z' Nuff   Candy254
  Enuff Z' Nuff - Strength   Candy255
  Epic - Battlegrounds   PERR024
  Epic - Like A Phoenix   ESM289
  Epitaph - Dancing With Ghosts   AORH1812
  Epitaph - Remember The Daze   AORH126
  Erika - Deaf Dumb And Blonde   ESM291
  Ermolli, Tommy - Step Ahead   LMC271
  Error Head - Modern Hippie   LMC229
  Eruption - All Screwed Up   ESM188
  Escape - Unbreakable   ZR1997163
  Eternal Flight - Under The Sigh Of Will   NR352
  Eternal Idol - The Unrevealed Secret   FRCD762
  Europe - War Of Kings Deluxe Edition   UDRA616294
  Evan - Blue Lightning   FC55005
  Evans, Dave Nitzinger - Revenge   AORH1589
  Evergrey - Hymns For The Broken   AFMD5012
  Evergrey - Hymns For The Broken Ltd Ed   AFMD5019
  Evergrey - The Storm Within   AFMD5659
  Evil Masquerade - Theatrical Madness   FRCD238
  Evil Masquerade - Third Act   ESM134
  Evil Masquerade - Welcome To The Show   FRCD186
  Export - Contraband   Candy073
  Export - Living In The Fear Of The Private Eye   Candy074
  Extreme - Pornograffitti Live Metal Meltdown   LDPD800701
  Eyefear - World Full Of Grey   LCO487


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