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  L.A. - Unfinished Business   ESM110
  L.R.S. - Down To The Core   FRCD639
  LA Guns - Cocked And Loaded   Candy142
  LA Guns - LA Guns   Candy141
  LaBar, Jeff - One For The Road   RPR013
  Labrie, James - Prime Cuts   MGG1008
  Labyrinth - Architecture Of A God   FRCD783
  Lake, Greg - Greg Lake   Candy091
  Lake, Greg - Manoeuvres   Candy092
  Lane, Jani - Back Down To One   ZR1997186A
  Lane, Jani - Back Down To One   ZR199786
  Lane, Jani - Catch A Falling Star   CLE2335
  Lane, Lana - Red Planet Boulevard   TTMV1053
  Lane, Shawn - Remembered Vol. 2   LMC112
  Laneys Legion - Laneys Legion   PERR4902
  Larsson, Sven - Bad Bad Man   AOA045
  Last Autumns Dream - In Disguise   ESM299
  Last Autumns dream - Level Eleven   AORH00111
  Last Autumns Dream - Paintings   AORH00127
  Last Autumns Dream - Yes   RTCD9026
  Last Days Of Eden - Ride The World   PJM10131
  Last In Line - Heavy Crown   FRCD721
  Last In Line - Heavy Crown Deluxe Edition   FRCDVD721
  Last Vegas, The - Eat Me Ltd Ed   AORH3562
  Last Vegas, The - Sweet Savation   IDLB101622
  Lava - Cruisin   AORH3349
  Lava - Fire   AORH3491
  Lava - Prime Time   AORH3414
  LaValle - Dear Sanity   KR047
  Law And Order - The Glass House   ZR1997112
  Lawless - R.I.S.E.   ESM270
  Lawless - Rock Savage   ESM255
  Le Roux - Last Safe Place   Candy171
  Le Roux - So Fired Up   Candy170
  Le Tekro, Ronnie - Kingdom Of Norway   ESM173
  Leather - Shock Waves   DIVE016
  Lecar, Vick's Blue Moon - Six Shooter   MM00029
  Lee, Ronny - Original Retro   AORH3106
  Legacy - Legacy   CR0005
  Legends Of Rock - 70s Classic Rockers   PETR60044
  Legends Of Rock - Classic Rock Heroes   PETR60050
  Legends Of Rock - Southern Experience   PETR60047
  Legends Of Rock - The Progressive Rockers   PETR60045
  Legion - Animal Inside   ZR1997185
  Legion - Code Of Honour   ZR1997146
  Legion - Last Man Standing   ZR1997195
  Legion - Legion   ZR1997142
  Legion - Nemesis   ZR1997154
  Legion - Resurrection   ZR1997164
  Legion - Shadow Of The King   AORH40
  Legion - Solace   ZR1997189
  Legion - Tempest   ZR1997180
  Legion - V   ZR1997173
  Lenore S. Fingers - Inner Tales   PERR4962
  LeRoux - Up   Candy125
  Letter 7 - Follow The Light   AORH1048
  Letters From The Fire - Worth The Pain   CRGR5045983
  Level 10 - Chapter One   FRCD621
  Leverty, Bill - Wanderlust   NEH040
  Life - Cocoon   NTHEN29
  Lifeline - Scream   ESM282
  Lightning Raiders - Sweet Addiction   Candy135
  Lightning Strikes - Lightning Strikes   PUS22
  Lightspeed - Waves   MAJCD096
  Lillian Axe - Fields Of Yesterday   ZR1997013
  Lillian Axe - One Night Live In The Temple 2CD+BluRay   MRIA172168
  Lima, Johnny - Johnny Lima + Made In California   MRR054
  Lima, Johnny - Unplug N Play   AORH3503
  Linda And The Punch - Linda And The Punch   ESM263
  Line Of Fire - Line Of Fire   DIVE012
  Line Of Fire - Momentum   TRB105
  Lioncage - Done At Last   ESM278
  Lioncage - The Second Strike   PJM10490
  Lionheart - Hot Tonight   Candy151
  Lions Share - Dark Hours   BR020
  Lionville - A World Of Fools   FRCD774
  Listeria - Full Of Fire   LMC148
  Little Caesar - Redemption   Candyman002
  Liverani, Daniele - Daily Trauma   FRCD190
  Liverani, Daniele - Eleven Mysteries   LMC327
  Livesay - Frozen Hell   KR058
  Livgren, Kerry - Seeds Of Change   Candy226
  Lizard - Southern Steel   RH004
  Lizards, The - Reptilicus Maximus   RCHD1022
  Lizhard - Bigger Better Stronger   PERR5362
  Loaded Gun - Loaded Gun   PERR27936
  London Calling - You're So Lucky   ATZ02028
  Lone Star - Firing On All Six   Candy117
  Lone Star - Lone Star   Candy116
  Lord Of Mushrooms - Perspectives   LMC317
  Lord Of Mushrooms - Seven Deadly Songs   LMC151
  Lordi - Arockalypse Special Edition   EDRE80
  Lordi - Scare Force One   AFMD5159
  Lordi - The Arockalypse   AORH163
  Lordi - To Beast Or Not To Beast   AFMR6008022
  Lords Of Black - II   FRCD725
  LoReLey - Here We Are Again   PERR5212
  Lost Weekend - Forevermore   AORH00082
  Loud Lion - Die Tough   MRR015
  Loudguns - Sunset Runaway   COL10
  Loureiro, Kiko - Universo Inverso   FRCD570
  Love Hate - Before The Blackout   ABR017
  Love, Brad - Through Another Door   55025
  Love/Hate - Blackout In The Red Room   Candy286
  Lover Under Cover - Into The Night   ESM261
  Loverboy - Unfinished Business   LVBY74214
  Lucifers Friend - Awakening   IMT5013280
  Lucifer's Friend - Too Late To Hate   AORH3770
  Lucky Bastardz - Alwayz On The Run   PERR5112
  Lugnet - Lugnet   PJM10148
  Luley - Todays Tomorrow   AORH00072
  Lunatica - The Edge Of Infinity   FRCD300
  Lynam - Halfway To Hell   PP0030
  Lynam - Slave To The Machine   AORH1069
  Lynch Mob - Rebel   FRCD700
  Lynch Mob - Sun Red Sun Deluxe Edition   RPR015
  Lynch Mob - Wicked Sensation   Candy238
  Lynch, George - Shadow Train   RPR017
  Lynn Allen - Retro Maniacs 1982-1988   AORH3161
  Lynn Allen - Streetlight   AORH3280
  Lynne, Jeff - Armchair Theatre   FRCD597
  Lynne, Jeff - Mr Blue Sky Best Of ELO   FRCD570E
  Lynyrd Skynyrd - Yesterday And Today   BMGS45721
  Lynyrds Skynyrd - Last Of A Dyin Breed   RRD176442
  Lynyrds Skynyrd - Last Of A Dyin Breed Sp Ed   RRD176445


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