7 MONTHS "7 Months"

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Joe Booe (vocals)
Chris M. Jacobson (guitar, backing vocals)
Barry Magnuson (drums, percussion)
Shawn Richkind (bass)
Garejin Kalajian (keyboards)
Produced by: Chris M. Jacobson and 7 Months
Engineered by: Chris M. Jacobson
Mixed by : Chris M. Jacobson
Mastered by: Chris M. Jacobson
7 Months is an L.A. based band combining progressive time signatures, complex progressions with sellable commercial melodies designed to stand the test of time. The band members are all extremely talented with a knack for writing excellent songs but still keeping the integrity and intricacies of well designed music. 7 Months actually experienced a few beginnings and near endings. It was a band that almost wasn't. Chris and Greg went to MI (Musicians Institute in LA) together in '95-'96 and subsequently played together in a school project band. Focusing on a progressive sound, the two established not only a friendship, but also the musical foundation of what would later develop. They worked on their own ideas and material and searched for additional musicians. Barry also attended MI and later connected with Chris and Greg while playing with another bassist/vocalist back in early '98. While the project didn't work out, the three found the cohesiveness that each had been seeking. A few months later, the three tried again, but Greg cancelled; Barry lost faith. A few more months later they tried again, but this time added a fourth; "The Dude". The first night's session resulted in the song later entitled "The Night". More music followed. For the next seven months the band worked on several songs and pieces of songs and auditioned vocalists. Joe had just moved to LA from Chicago in July of '99 and had been auditioning with several bands and had answered the group's ad for a singer. The circle was now complete. After 1 rehearsal, "The Night" was completed. After another practice, 3 more songs were almost finished. Good fortune appeared to have shone upon this nameless band. So after 7 months of searching, 7 months of writing and 7 months of struggling, 7 months of recording, coming up with a name was simple: 7 MONTHS. 7 Months are thought of by the public as a progressive rock band of the millennium that walk the edge with a new sound while incorporating the famous progressive sounds of bands like Yes, Kansas, Rush, Saga and Dream Theater.
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