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AOR - The Secrets Of LA

European Import : AORH00090

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Fergie Frederiksen (vocals)
Jeff Scott Soto (vocals)
Jim Jidhed (vocals)
Bill Champlin (vocals)
Bob Harris (vocals)
Robin Beck (vocals)
Goran Edman (vocals)
Mikael Erlandsson (vocals)
Tamara Champlin (vocals)
Frédéric Slama (guitar, keyboards)
Tommy Denander (all instruments)
Ken Sandin (backing vocals)
Dane Donohue (backing vocals)
Alessandro Del Vecchio (backing vocals)
Colin Rodgers (guitar, bass)
Pat Thern (drums)
Produced by: Frederic Slama, Tommy Denander
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : tbd
Mastered by: tbd
During the following years, AOR released eleven albums with a similar concept feat. some of the greatest talents from the genre including all Toto members, Tommy Denander, Göran Edman, Michael Landau, Vinnie Colaiuta, Michael Ruff, Bruce Gaitsch, Bill Champlin (Chicago), Steve Overland (FM), Bruce Gaitsch, Brandon Fields, David Roberts, Dane Donohue, Fergie Frederiksen, Philip Bardowell, Jerry Hludzik (Dakota), Joe Pasquale, Steve Newman, David Foster, Randy Goodrum and many more. Now in 2013 Frédéric Slama' s AOR project is back for round number 12 with an great album called " The Secrets Of L.A ", featuring an impressive list of guests such as Tommy Denander (Radioactive, Paul Stanley, Alice Cooper), Fergie Frederiksen (Toto), Jeff Scott Soto (Talisman), Bill Champlin (Chicago), Jim Jidhed & Ken Sandin (Alien), Mikael Erlandsson (Last Autumn's Dream), Bob Harris (Axe), Göran Edman (Yngwie Malmsteen), Robin Beck, Tamara Champlin, Dane Donohue, Alessandro Del Vecchio (Lionville, Hardline) & many more. For this new AOR album, the sound is much heavier than ever before, far away from the Westcoast style of the 6 first AOR cd's. Fans of Survivor, Journey, Giant & Foreigner won't be disappointed by fantastic melodies, incredible vocals & fabulous guitar solos and a first class production by Frédéric Slama & Tommy Denander. " The Secrets Of L.A " is by far AOR's finest release so far.
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