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RICHARD ANDERSSON - The Ultimate Andersson Collection

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Göran Edman (vocals)
Richard Andersson (keyboards)
Andy Rose (bass)
Magnus Nilsson (guitar)
Jörg Andrews (drums)
Produced by: tbd
Engineered by: tbd
Mixed by : Richard Andersson
Mastered by: Frasse Fransen
Richard Andersson was born in Ystad, Sweden, March 28, 1972. As a child he seemed to enjoy classical music such as Bach, Vivaldi, and Mozart etc. He tried to learn music the traditional way, but lost interest due to the strict and non-improvisational aspect of the lessons. At the age of 7 Richard already was capable to play some advance classical stuff just by listen to the music. Organ and Keyboard became Richard's biggest interest. Improvisation was his trademark. When he was 15 years old, he created his own special style with influences from masters such as Jens Johansson, Yngwie Malmsteen, and Jimi Hendrix. Solo playing was the one and only way for him to express his feelings in a satisfying way. Early in his career he liked to compose his own music. A bunch of demos with songs played buy a keyboard player with fire in his fingers are probably prove that Richard is one of the most interesting keyboard players in the world right now. With his bands Majestic, Space Odyssey and Time Requiem the Swede has established himself quickly into the scene during the past 6 years. "The Collection" became reality after Richard having a vision of bringing some of the old songs to life again. The songs are all new recordings as the production was a bit weak on some of the earlier CD's. The first idea was to bring in world known musicians like several guitar players and many different singers. As time went on this became impossible due to the fact that Richard really wanted to have this project on the road. Rumours say that if Richard couldn't have Mr. Malmsteen as a guest player he wouldn't have any others at all. Only old friend Magnus Nilsson (Space Odyssey) and die-hard fan Sven Cirnski (Bad Habit) have the honour to appear on this record next to keyboard legend Jens Johansson (Stratovarius, ex. Malmsteen) as guest on "Attar Of Roses". One of the things Richard is most satisfied with is the enormous effort Mr. Göran Edman (ex.Malmsteen) did on vocals. The songs have reached another dimension having this extremely talented and nice man behind the microphone. Everything from recording every instrument to mixing and mastering was done by Richard himself. This time the whole production was under Andersson's closest supervision in his own Lipton Studio.
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