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ARIES "Crash And Burn"

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Jerry Shepherd (vocals, guitar, mandolin)
Dave Falco (bass, backing vocals)
Tom Cramton (keyboards, backing vocals)
John Rizzo (drums)
Produced by: Jerry Shepherd
Engineered by: Keith Gaudette

Rock comes in many forms and the people who direct Escape Music are eager to explore all avenues that come under the broad umbrella of this form of music. With a catalogue of over sixty titles, our roster is one of the most varied in the industry. We pride ourselves on bringing you the very best of rock music and consider ourselves experienced in our field. So, when a brand new artist comes to our attention who purvey rock in a classic form then it is something of which we must be a part, and we would like you to share that with us. That brings us to introduce Aries, a brand new band who have taken the route of traditional rock and presented it in such a way that it could re-invent that classic rock sound. It's a fresh sound and is bursting with enthusiasm and, whilst it borders on progressive rock, there are no long winded, yawn-inducing musical passages or tracks that last for an entire day. What these four talented musicians give you is very pleasant rock music that stir emotions that you thought you had maybe lost some time ago. So, if you have found yourself going back to albums by Kansas, Uriah Heep, and Jethro Tull and wondering what current production technology could do for this type music then you will have a good idea of what Aries are all about. It certainly moved us into releasing "Crash and Burn", the debut album by Aries. Aries are a fine quartet and for those of you who have forgotten what real music should sound like then you should make this one a priority.

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